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Below is a blog post from a photographer I know (Pierre Bourgault) which explains why, even if he is perfectly bilingual, he only posts in english on his website/blog. Interesting read which is indeed, in english .

On a more personnal note, I will try to write in both languages as often as possible to reach a maximum of people.

Il y a ici-bas un lien vers le blogue d'un ami photographe(Pierre Bourgault) sur le POURQUOI il écrit seulement en anglais sur son site/blog. Une lecture intéressante, bien sûr en anglais.

Sur une note plus personnelle, j'écrirai le plus souvent possible en français et en anglais pour accommoder le plus de gens possible.

Pourquoi pas… in french?

By Pierre | Oct 10, 2013 |


This is probably one of the most asked questions I get when I meet people.   “Pourquoi est-ce que les posts sur ton blogue sont uniquement en anglais?”

The answer goes back to a few years ago.  I was watching a Q&A session during a music festival here in town where they had Gene Simmons (of Kiss) as a keynote speaker and main figure head.  He was talking about  branding and other business related topics.  Someone in the crowd asked his opinion on bands that sing solely in French.  His answer made up my mind, as at the time I was toying with which language to post in.  Now these aren’t his words exactly, but this is the essence of what he said... (more on his site here) : Pierrebphoto

If you want other great advices and tips Pierre is always a must read and also take a look at his work!

Si vous voulez plus de conseils, trucs et autres informations le blog et le travail de  Pierre sont  incontournables!