East/West CIS bowl

Canadian university football was back on saturday may 9th for its 13th edition. 

Players from  many different schools putting their rivalry aside for one unique game. The game was presented at the Percival Molson memorial stadium for the first time after being held at Western university (Ont.) for the last 6 editions.

Participating players were from; Saskatchewan, Mount Allison,  Bishop’s , Ottawa, St-Mary's, Toronto ,McGill,  Montreal, Acadia,  Queen’s Laval,  StFX, Sherbrooke, Carleton  (East)

 Alberta, Acadia, McMaster, Waterloo, Western, McGill, UBC, Montreal, Regina, Manitoba,  Laurier, York,  Calgary, Windsor, Guelph, Saskatchewan (west) *some east/west player replaced injured players*     

The east side went away with a score of  28-21 on this cloudy, but hot, day of may. Big hits, long runs and passes, a great football game.

 Here is my best of album of the game. Enjoy!